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HC Threads™ - Take Comfort in Hope™

As a beach-inspired shop, we incorporate the culture and style into our mix
and attitude. HC Threads features super-soft men’s and women’s fit tees.

Hope. Strength. Optimism. Take comfort in HOPE.


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Why design an anchor, lighthouse with stars?

HC Threads was originally established in Rhode Island, The Ocean State.
It felt natural to re-imagine the state's iconic anchor flag. The anchor design echoes the earliest part of the Rhode Island’s coastal history.

In 1647, the anchor was adopted as Rhode Island’s colonial seal. As a symbol, the anchor dates even further back to 1643 when it was chosen as the colony’s seal upon the granting of the Cromwellian Patent, establishing the Providence Plantations.

In 1664, the motto “HOPE” was added to the seal when a more liberal charter was granted to the colony. These became part of the state flag of Rhode Island when it was decided to incorporate the state seal into the official design of the flag.

The thirteen stars surrounding the anchor represent the last of the original thirteen colonies to form a union.

Our version is a bit different while keeping with
the coastal theme & traditions of the past.

While we kept the same design elements as the original we also felt the need to illustrate the anchor & stars with a more contemporary approach. The addition of the lighthouse acts as a focal point, a beacon of light. A beacon of hope.

We loved story of why the stars were used in the original but decided to have the stylized anchor/lighthouse break out from them.
The stars completely enclosing the anchor felt a little stifling.

We HOPE (no pun intended) you enjoy our line of products as they continue to develop and always remember, to Take Comfort In Hope.